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July 8  meeting

The meeting was brought to order by Rudy KE5MUE at 4:03 pm at the First Christion Church, 763 Passion Play Road in Eureka Springs, AR.

Minutes from the previous meeting were read and Jim KC0GDV moved to accept as read, John KA3MEN seconded, accepted as read by all.

Treasurer’s report was read by Susan KA3MEX. Beginning balance $834.27, withdrawal of $200. for change fund at parking lot duty, $500 deposited for parking lot fund and proceeds, $300. profit, then dues, safe deposit box rental for the year and Carroll Electric bills were paid. Ending balance $1,139.50 .  Anna KG5FDF moved to accept as read and Susan seconded. Accepted as read by all.

Old Business:

The 440 antenna was raised up above the guy wires to a place just below the 2 meter antenna.  Thanks you Edwin KD0GUE and Rudy for getting that done and done well.  The 440 repeater is now loud and clear.

Field day on Saturday, June the 24th was a successful get together for the club and we learned a lot. How to put a trailer together, set up HF radio gear for operation on emergency power and of course the food was great.  Thanks John and Susan.  The new trailer needs lights, a floor and reinforcing for antennas which will fold down for transport.  Also add stabilizers for use during antenna use and wheel tongue jack steel tubing to set up dipole antennas and we will get a license for the trailer.

New business:

The club picnic was set for Rudy and Rita’s home in Grand View on the second Saturday of August , the 12.  A sign up sheet was passed around to take names of dishes members will bring because it is a potluck. The club will supply the meat and drinks.

John KA3MEN brought up the starting of a club weekly net on our 440 repeater at 8:30pm on each Thursday and he will be the not control for the foreseeable future.  This net is following the ARES net at 8:00pm and will be over before the Shell Knob net starts at 9:00pm on their club repeater.  Their repeater is 145.210 minus offset with no tone.  Their club web page is  http://www.trarc.com/ .

Edwin Gave a great presentation on adding solar power to our repeater site and how it will cover both repeaters.  He showed a drawing on the board of the arrays, tie ins and distribution/control of the solar system.  Ground rods must be added also. And also a box must be used for holding the batteries we have for the system including a top.  Everyone present voted to go ahead with the purchase of hardware which will be in 2 phases.  Edwin will start the installation when we get the parts.  The club will pay for half and we started a list of members who gave a donation at the meeting.  The members not there can contact Susan KA3MEX to make their contributions.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:02 and refreshments were enjoyed.

Attendance in no particular order.  22 count.

Roy Eidson         KG5TID

Paul Warren       KG5TIF

Cathy  Mrs.      KG5TIF

Jane  Williams

Cliff Bailey         KM4ZRZ

Richard Keller    KG5TIE

Edwin Miller    KD0GUE

Sean Michael     KD0ULQ

John Wall          KA3MEN

Rudy Behrens    KE5MUE

C. W. Warren   W5CWW

Peggy Warren    KK5JW

Rita  Mrs. Rudy

Susan Wall         KA3MEX

Anna Ahlman   KG5FDF

Pat McCarthy     KD0PQM

Jim McCarthy    KC0GDV

John Hinkamp    AB5KB

Terry Dean       N6WI

3  Wall grandkids


Submitted by  Patricia Dean, N6WIF, Secretary