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Minutes for LSARC meeting of June 10, 2017

Meeting was brought to order by Rudy Behrens, KE5MUE at 4:05 pm at First Christian Church,
763 Passion Play Rd.  Eureka Springs, AR.

Minutes from previous meeting  were read by Rudy and corrections will be made and published on our club web page.

Treasure’s  report:  Beginning Balance, $846.07.  Ending Balance, $834.27.

Old business:

1. Raising the 440 antenna is still to come.  Ed Miller KD0GUE will be climbing the tower and installing the antenna as high up as possible and use the current coax then cut off the excess coax until we get hard-line coax from a different donor. 

2. The annual club picnic was discussed, the area in Holiday Island is first come first serve with no reservations taken.  Rudy & Rita’s home was decided on for the picnic and August 12 at 4:00 pm was decided.  Sean moved to accept, Roy seconded the motion, the “I”s were unanimous.

New business: 

1. Field Day, June 24 & 25, 1:00pm on 24th it starts. 

2. We need some volunteers before Filed Day to help assemble the trailer we bought.  Call John Wall. 

Roy moved we close the meeting, Walt seconded the motion, “I”s were unanimous. 4:50 pm

Next meeting scheduled for July 8th, same location, 4:00pm.

Attendance:  ( 16 )

Ed Miller KD0GUE

Rudy Behrens KE5MUE

Fred Willman WB9ONV

Lloyd Lank KD0I

Catherine Lank N0QQB

Paul Warren KG5TIF

Roy Eidson KG5TID

Mary Ellen Phelps KG5NRV

Walt Phelps WA6LII

Rita Mrs. KE5MUE

Drew Wood KD5DHW

Richard Keller KG5TIE

Kevin Richter KG5KGN

Sean Michael KD0ULQ

Patricia Dean N6WIF

Terry Dean N6WI



Submitted by  Patricia Dean,  Secretary