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Minutes for LSARC meeting of May 13, 2017  at the First Christian Church, Eureka Springs, AR.

Meeting was brought to order by Rudy Behrens, KE5MUE at 4:15pm

Old business:
Minutes needed corrections thanks to Susan Wall about the June 18 “Bikes, Blues and Bar-B-Que” to “Blues Festival”.  Other wise minutes were accepted with unanimously.

Treasurer’s report:  Beginning balance April 1, $862.98, deposits; $1,100. collected for Lunn’s radio equipment, then paid out to Judy, after paying $16.91 to Carroll Electric month end balance was $846.07.  Report was motioned by John and seconded by Walt to be accepted as read, unanimously accepted by attendees.

Parking lot duty for June 18. We should have 6 folks to man the lots in 3 hour increments but fewer hours and count will be accepted.

New business:
Still have a tower at Lynn’s home for dismantling and taken away.
We have a man, did not get his name, from Shell Knob who wants to raise the 440 antenna to top of tower, cut excess coax and install proper connectors for free but will accept our old repeater, the Kenwood as a favor.

Fred suggested we could have a pick nick at the Pavilion in Holiday Island. He will check in to any costs.

Rudy said he would have a presentation for our next club meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55pm.

Attendees were Paul Warren KG5TIF, Roy Eidson KG5TID and Richard Keller KG5TIE, Susan Wall KA3MEX, John Wall KA3MEN, Walt Phelps WA6LII, Fred Willman WB9ONV and Terry Dean N6WI  (8). Congratulations to our newest members, Paul, Roy and Richard.


Submitted by Patricia Dean