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Minutes for LSARC meeting of February 11, 2017

Meeting was brought to order by Rudy, KE5MUE at 4:05pm at
First Christion Church, 763 Passion Play Rd.  Eureka Springs, AR.

Minutes from previous meeting were accepted as read by member with email. Motion to accept – John Wall, 2nd Fred Willman, “I”s unanimous.

Treasure’s  report:  Beginning balance $487.33   Ending balance $700.55
            Motion to accept by Walt and 2nd by John, “I”s unanimous.

Old business:

Fred glad to hear that we will be getting a controller so we can shut off the repeater if needed. Next parking lot drawing will be done in a couple of months. We are still working on getting an isolator & trickle charger for repeater.  Drew has a newer rack to switch out with our old rusted rack. Jim said there is a HGML controller for $150.  When there is a test session it will be before the club meeting so we will change class times to 8:00am to 3:30pm.  John and Drew visited Judy Holden and made a list of all of Lynn’s ham equipment. Some of the items are 10’ tower sections, Hazer electric elevator, Kenwood TS-590 HF transceiver and TS-440 also, 600 watt Ameritron tunner, and Judy wants John Wall to be the broker so contact him if interested.  Will email club members with full list when I receive list from John.  After club has had a chance the left overs will be offered to nearby clubs. 

New business:  None

March Club Meeting will be on the second Saturday, 11th at same location.

Terry will have a presentation for our March meeting.

Attendance: (15) Mary Jane & Fred WB9ONV Willman,  Mary Ellen KG5KGN & Walt WA6LII Phelps,  Anna KG5FDF Ahlman,  Pat KD0QPM & Jim KC0GDV McCarthy,  Pat N6WIF & Terry N6WI Dean,  Rudy KE5MUE Behrens,  Susan KA3MEX and John KA3MEN Wall,  Peggy KK5JW & CW W5CWW Warren,  Cory KD5Z Schneider.

Submitted by Patricia Dean  2/13/2017