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Minutes of the Little Switzerland ARC  January 14, 2017



Meeting was called to order by Rudy Behrens KE5MUE at 4:06pm at the First Christian Church on Passion Play road in Eureka Springs, AR. The minutes for our last meeting on December 10 2016 and published on the club web page, received a unanimous vote to be accepted as published on-line.

Treasurer’s report: Balance as of January 31,  2017 was  $487.33

New Business:

1. Parking lot duty, March is the next month for drawing participating groups. They use 2 month intervals for drawings.

2. We need to have a way to remotely turn off our repeaters when there is a jammer messing with them.  Bill in Shell Knob can build a controller.

3. We have 4 backup batteries for protection our repeaters when commercial electricity is interrupted but they are not yet installed and we need a good trickle charger to complete the installation. Also we need an “isolator” for the repeaters but we need a cost figure.

4. Along with item 3 issues we need a new rack to replace the current (rusting) rack.  Drew has a rack we can use. Charger and control panels will cost $200. plus or minus.

Next meeting of our club will be Saturday February 11, 2017 at same location.  Please bring refreshments to share.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:44pm

Attendees:  (12)
  Fred WB9ONV and Mary Jane Willman
  Drew Wood KD5DHW
  Pat KD0PQM and Jim KC0GDV McCarthy
  Rita and Rudy KE5MUE Behrens
  Susan KA3MEX and John KA3MEN Wall
  Erick Schabacker KC4SBW
  Pat N6WIF and Terry N6WI Dean