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Minutes for LSARC meeting of January 13, 2018


Meeting was brought to order by Lloyd Lank, KD0I, at 2:05pm

    Terry Dean, N6WI. read the minutes from the December meeting, Jim McCarthy moved to accept as read, Fred Willman seconded, “I”s were unanimous, minutes were accepted.

    Treasurer’s report was given by Susan Wall, old balance was $961.68. After utilities were paid and dues collected the new balance is $981.07.  Pat Dean moved to accept as read, Rudy Behrens seconded, “I”s were unanimous, treasurer report was accepted.

    Old Business: 
    The previous price for the “Enrush” controller was over priced because it included solar panels.  The correct price is $128.14 with $0 shipping.  Our 440 repeater will operate on the power grid only.  New controller is here but not installed until we can move the batteries to the repeater site.

    Lloyd and Catherine Lank and still not able to drive grounding rod into ground at their house due to rock. A proper drill bit is ordered to make it work.

    New Business: 
    Terry Dean presented a paper showing a linked system of repeaters for North West Arkansas that we can use during our travels through the area.  The paper is viewable on the club web site.

    Steve Krell, KK6SQL, gave a presentation of his self built loop antenna for HF.  It so far works on 3.5, 7.0 and 24 mhz bands. Cost for parts is about $20.

    After much input the club decided to have 2 classes in 2018 in May and November with testing sessions each month at our club meeting location at 12:00pm, noon.  The testing will only be done when people register for the test well in advance.  Advertising will be on the local radio stations and news papers.  John Wall will handle advertising. Rudy Behrens moved to accept tis motion, Susan Wall seconded, “I”s were unanimous, motion accepted.

    Next club meeting will be February 9, 2018 at the church at 2:00pm.

    Meeting closed at 2:51pm and dinner was served.

    Attendees:  (19)  Kim and Steve KK6SQL Krell, John KA3MEN and Susan KA3MEX Wall,
Rudy KE5MUE and Rita Behrens, Mary Ellen Phelps KG5NRV, Allen Fowler KF5ROH,
Ronnie Robertson KG5WDW, Gary Jones AE5VO, Jim KC0GDV and Pat KD0PQM McCarthy,
Pat N6WIF and Terry N6WI Dean, Fred WB9ONV and Mary Jane Willman, John Hinkamp AB5KB,
Catherine N0QQB and Lloyd KD0I Lank


Submitted by Terry Dean, Secretary